Tongariro Northern Circuit

Beginning from Skotel, this walk winds its way over Mt Tongariro and around Mt Ngauruhoe. It passes through unique and stunning landforms which include volcanic craters. Day trips, overnight trips or a three to four day walk around the complete circuit can be undertaken. There are four huts on the circuit, Mangatepopo, Ketetahi, Oturere and Waihohonu. Passes for these huts must be purchased before commencing the trip.Dated passes are required during the Great Walks season from late October to early June.
Click here for more information and downloadable brochures from the Department of Conservation New Zealand.

Around the Volcanoes

There are several combinations of multi-day walks available in the Park using the several public huts around the mountain. The main combinations are known as the “Tongariro Northern Circuit” and “Round Ruapehu”. Both are challenging trips and should be undertaken with care.

Waterproof raincoat and over-trousers, warm woolen, pile or polypropylene clothing, strong tramping boots or shoes, food and drink, sun screen and sunglasses, sunhat and a warm hat, and a first aid kit should always be carried.

In winter snow conditions ice axes and crampons may be needed. They should be carried and you should know how to use them.

The walks can be accessed from several different road ends. For the security of their cars, visitors are advised to leave their cars at Whakapapa Village and use one of the transport operators to reach their desired starting point if it is not from the Village itself.

Round Ruapehu

This is a four to six day tramp around Mt Ruapehu. For those seeking solitude, magnificent mountain views and a backcountry experience the walk is ideal. The track traverses a myriad of landscapes and although a greater part of the track is in an alpine environment there are no major alpine passes.

There are six huts on the circuit. One of these, the Waihohonu hut, is on the Tongariro Northern Circuit and therefore requires a dated hut pass in the Great Walks Season.

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