Considered the best one-day walk in New Zealand, the Tongariro Crossing passes over varied and spectacular volcanic terrain. In the presence of two active volcanoes you can experience some of Tongariro National Park’s special gifts. A cold mountain spring, lava flows, an active crater, emerald lakes and hot springs combine to make this a highly enjoyable and memorable trip for adults and children alike.

The Skotel offers a wide range of activity packages to choose from and our frontline staff can provide a complete booking service for our guests.

Adrift Adventures for guided walks of the Tongariro Crossing

Adrift organises guides tours both summer and winter.  Their speciality is the Tongariro Crossing and can take parties to a few special places not normally accessible.

In winter, even Alpine Beginners can undertake the Tongariro Alpine Crossing with the alpine gear and a guide.  Adrft Outdoors supply crampons and ice axes and your guide will be there to show you how to use them safely.  A great chance for a memorable photo.

For a different experience, come and see the sunrise on red crater.  Adrift can also supply 3 day guided trips on the Northern Circuit Trek and one, three or five day canoe trips, guided or freedom hire on the Whanganui River. For further information: – or

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