It is possible to trek the Alpine Crossing in winter as long as you are experienced in hiking with crampons and ice axe and in alpine terrain. Otherwise it’s advisable to take a fully guided trek with experienced guides.

The terrain takes on a completely different look during the winter and is completely covered in snow with ice covered lakes.Winter trips offer the opportunity to walk through the magnificent snow-covered landscape without the summer crowds.

Weather on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is subject to severe alpine condition and can be extreme, particularly on the Red Crater ridge. You can expect snow, ice and strong winds. 

You must be equipped with the right gear to embark on a winter crossing with the right attire, crampons, ice axes, protective clothing, footwear, food and drink that you can comfortably carry in your backpack.

Take the challenge of trekking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in winter by organising your trek through Adrift Guided Outdoor Activities. The experts at Adrift, will be provide you with all the necessary gear and equipment, plus all the attention you need to stay safe, warm and happy during the crossing.

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For more information and to download a map visit Department of Conservation.

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Seasonal only – in summer months Skotel Alpine Resort offers return shuttles from the door step to the starting point of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, that you can book on arrival. (THIS IS SEASONAL ONLY) – Check with our friendly staff for information.
During the winter months guided tours can be arranged with Adrift Outdoors and Adventure Outdoors.