Skotel Alpine Resort is situated in one of the most geothermal areas in New Zealand making a dip in a hot thermal pool a regional must-do.

Tokaanu Thermal Pools, a half hour drive away, is an enclosed, family style hot pool that are fabulous for a relaxing cleansing experience.

The thermal waters and steam of Tokaanu in generations past was used for puia (cooking with the steam) and boiling harakeke (flax) for raranga (weaving). The hot thermal pools have long been recognised as having the ‘wai ora (healing waters)’.

Adults and children alike can enjoy the public pool to their hearts content all day if they wish, and the private pools at night with the stars shinning bright and the occasional snow flutter, is a wonderful experience.

Entry to the public pool is:
$8 per adult & $6 per child

Entry to a private pool is:
$12 per adult & $8 per child

Tokaanu Hot Pool is open:
Public Pool 10am – 9pm
Private Pools 10am – 8pm

Tokaanu Thermal Pools are located in Mangaroa St, Takaanu.

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