Nestled within the deep hidden valleys of New Zealand’s Forgotten World Highway is the ultimate way to explore rural New Zealand. Travel along decommissioned railway lines, through tunnels, over bridges and rivers and to townships that time forgot.

There are a variety of amazing tours on offer –


Length: 3 – 3.5 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Experience the first 16km of the Forgotten World Railway. Enjoy a taste of the Forgotten World journey. Travel through 5 tunnels including the longest tunnel (1.5km) on the line before stopping for light snack and returning on the rails back through the 5 tunnels (bonus!) to the start point.


Length: 8 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Travel 40kms along the northern most section of this abandoned railway line, across 25 bridges. Marvel at the determination and hardship our forefathers experienced constructing the 10 hand-dug tunnels you will journey through, including the longest tunnel on the line at 1.5km.


Length: 10 hours

Difficulty: Easy

The 20 Tunnel experience will transport you back through history, and get you home in time for dinner. This is a full day and more than 80km of total immersion into the true stories and tall tales woven into this unique landscape. From Okahukura to Whangamomona (or in reverse on alternate days), you’ll discover a different vista unfolding every time you emerge from a tunnel. Our most popular tour.>> More Info


Length: 4 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

Do you like a mix of activity and awe with your adventure? Cycle a return trip of 32km from the Taumarunui end of the line under your own steam on a two-person RailBike.


Length: 7 hours
Difficulty: Medium (some fitness required)

Like a mix of activity and awe with your adventure? Cycle 40kms along the rails under your own steam on a RailBike. Designed for comfort, the RailBike is your personal time machine carrying you through tunnels and over bridges steeped in history on the longest experience of its kind in the world.

No previous cycling experience required, but you’ll need some energy to apply pedal to metal. You will arrive feeling a real sense of accomplishment!


Length: 7 hours
Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Enjoy the best of both worlds, encountering 10 tunnels and 20 bridges, as you travel 40km by rail and 23km by jet boat on the Wanganui River, a mixture of nostalgia and adrenaline.


Length: 4 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Discover the Taranaki end of the abandoned Stratford Okahukura Railway Line on our new half day RailCart tour. Learn about the line’s rich history as the landscape slowly changes from gentle rolling plains to rugged hill-country. Keep an eye out for the Tui & Wood Pigeons and many other native birds found along the line.


Length: One day
Difficulty: Easy

Experience a total of 84kms travelling there and back on the rails. Unlock the secrets of the land as you wind your way through the changing landscapes, through 3 tunnels and over 18 bridges, to the rugged hills that frame the Republic of Whangamomona. Pack your own picnic to enjoy in the Republic or take a short stroll down to the historic Whangamomona Hotel to enjoy your purchased lunch surrounded by the history of the Republic.


Length: Two day
Difficulty: Easy – Moderate

Join us for a Forgotten World Expedition. A two day, three part journey. The first day you will ride the rails on our 20 Tunnel tour which will transport you back through history to the Republic of Whangamomona! The second day after a spectacular helicopter flight over the Whanganui National Park to the Bridge to Nowhere, you’ll be jet boating up the Whanganui River exploring historical sites and scenes on the longest commercial jet boat tour in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Expedition is two full days and includes one nights accommodation.

Day One: RailCart down the Forgotten World Railway to the Republic of Whangamomona, more than 80km of total immersion into the true stories and tall tales woven into this unique landscape. Stay the night in the Republic, includes dinner and cooked breakfast.

Day Two: Starts with a relaxed breakfast. Then a helicopter will take you on a scenic flight over the Whanganui National Park from Whangamomona to a remote clearing in the infamous Mangaparua Valley. From there we walk 3km down to the Bridge to Nowhere where you’ll hear the history of the bridge and the people who lived in this remote valley. Then its down to the river to meet the jet boat and spend the rest of the day travelling the Whanganui River, exploring the historical sites and scenery on the way, all the way back to Taumarunui. Morning, afternoon tea and lunch all included.>> More Info


Length: Two day
Difficulty: Easy

Unplugged yet still ‘on the line’ as you travel the entire 142km from Okahukura to Stratford or Stratford to Okahukura with an overnight stay (additional to tour – see details below) in Whangamomona. You’ll go through all 24 tunnels, cross all 98 bridges and see the remnants of the original settlements along the line. The history of this unique landscape will resonate as you absorb the stories and relive the memories of New Zealand’s pioneering past with this two-day journey back in time. The ultimate experience.


Length: Multi day
Difficulty: Easy to Medium (some easy walking required)

You’ll feel fully connected to this wonderful Forgotten World landscape after four days adventuring on the rail and the river. It will leave you in awe of the life our forefathers forged for themselves that somehow remains intrinsic in us all.

This trip is limited to 60 seats throughout the season.

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