Adrift organises guides tours both summer and winter.  Their speciality is the Tongariro Alpine Crossing and can take parties to a few special places not normally accessible.

In winter, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing can be made with the right alpine gear and a guide.  Adrift Outdoors supply crampons and ice axes and your guide will be there to show you how to use them safely.

For a different experience, come and see the sunrise on red crater.  Adrift can also supply 3 day guided trips on the Northern Circuit Trek and one, three or five day canoe trips, guided or freedom hire on the Whanganui River. For further information: – or

Book your Ruapehu Accommodation with us here at Skotel Alpine Resort, New Zealand’s highest hotel. Offering guests a variety of room types, from backpacker rooms, to view rooms of the Park and the volcanic mountain peaks of Ngauruhoe, Tongariro and Ruapehu. 

image credit: Zhi Yuen – Adrift Outdoors